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The EU sanctions policy against Belarus and Russia, due to the latter’s invasion of Ukraine, opened new opportunities for the replacement of imports of goods from these countries to the EU. The Ukrainian government has launched a series of special research studies to understand which groups of Russian and Belarusian products can be replaced by similar Ukrainian or others analogues, and how to redirect Ukrainian exports from those countries to the EU. This report gives access to such a study in the pump market. Given that the total volume of Ukrainian exports to Russia and Belarus is 78 million euros in total, Ukrainian pump manufacturers can potentially redirect from 10 to 18% of the volume of pump exports from the Russian Federation to the EU.

The study report shows

Overview of foreign economic activity of Ukraine by product group pumps for liquids.
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Assessment of the volume of markets and definition of products exported to EU countries and Great Britain.
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Evaluation of the volume of exports of the commodity group from Russia to the EU and determination of the potential for replacing Russia in the EU markets.
Overview of issues with technical regulation.

Report Useful

This report can be useful for pump distributors, industrial end users, clusters and business support organizations, and any other players on the pump market who wish to support the Ukrainian economy in war times. 

The research was carried out by the Reform support team of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine together with the Office for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Export with the support of USAID “Economic Support of Ukraine”. The publication has been translated by the Kamianka Machine-Building Plant. The dissemination is supported by Pump clusters from Ukrainian Cluster Alliance.

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