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Kamyanka Machine-Building Plant has always aimed to achieve the best results and provide its customers with the advantages they deserve. That’s why we are pleased to announce our new and important collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

This partnership initiative demonstrates the interest of the Italian market in our products and services, for which we are immensely grateful. Now, you have the opportunity to learn more about us through a special article posted on the official website of the Italian Chamber of Commercehttps://ccipu.org/bacheca_affari/kamyanka-machine-building-plant-produttori-di-pompe-a-ingranaggi-ad-alta-precisione

This article provides a detailed examination of our achievements, capabilities, and strategic objectives. Additionally, you will find our certificates, catalogs, and presentations that highlight the high quality standard of our products and services.

Collaborating with the Italian Chamber of Commerce is not only a recognition of our efforts and dedication but also a significant step in the strategic development of our company. We are grateful for the support and trust extended to us and are confident that this partnership will bring mutual benefits.

If your company is a resident of Italy and you are interested in the possibility of working with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly or submit an inquiry to the Italian Chamber of Commerce. We are always ready for collaboration and eagerly await our future projects together!

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gear pumps

Example of gear pumps

Gear pumps are important components in various fluid transfer systems and find wide application in different industrial sectors. In this article, we propose to take a closer look at the principle and modes of operation, designs, materials, and key parameters of gear pumps. This will help to better understand their functionality and features in different aspects.


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Today, the most optimal and environmentally friendly method of recycling and obtaining secondary raw materials is the recycling of plastic waste. This helps to preserve natural resources, reduce oil consumption, decrease the volume of waste, and minimize carbon dioxide emissions.

The stages of plastic recycling are:


Plastic recycling

  1. Collection and sorting of plastic waste. This process is usually carried out in recycling centers or special enterprises that deal with waste processing. The collected waste is sorted by type of plastic to ensure the quality and purity of the material.
  2.  Shredding the plastic into small pieces, usually called flakes. There are special machines that grind the waste into small particles. The result is a plastic flake that is ready for for the next stages of recycling.
  3. Cleaning and washing of plastic flakes. This stage removes contaminants and residues of other materials that may be present in the recycled plastic. After washing, the plastic material is ready for further processing.
  4. Plastic processing into granules. At this stage, plastic flakes are melted and fed through metering pumps to an extruder, where they are turned into granules. Plastic granules can have different shapes, sizes, and colors depending on their intended purpose.
  5. Packaging and storage of granules. Granules are packed in special bags and stored in warehouses for further use in the production of new plastic products.

High-quality pumping equipment is an important element in the plastic recycling process, as it affects the accuracy and stability of material flow, process efficiency, and the quality of the final product. To purchase the proper pumps, we recommend paying attention to the following characteristics:

  • Flow capacity and material dosing accuracy;
  • Material of the pump body and parts;
  • Adjustability and pressure control;
  • Compatibility with other system components, etc.

If you have any additional questions about pumping equipment in the plastic recycling process, our team will be happy to answer.

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