We started to work with post-payment on all export contracts. Although we have never breached our contractual obligations, we provide different financial instruments to make each of our Customers feel secure. One solution to this situation is to use a letter of credit. The key points and the main advantages of a letter of credit are:

  • the bank acts as an independent intermediary: it makes sure that the supplier receives his money only when the buyer – the goods;
  • the letter of credit is based on the invoice and shipping documents submitted by the supplier, confirming that the goods have been shipped;
  • provides for thorough and objective verification of all documents by the bank;
  • a letter of credit can be arranged at almost every bank.

We have successfully completed 12 types of such deals recently in Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, USA, Australia, etc. We are grateful for your trust and for each order. Now more than ever it is important for us and for the entire Ukrainian economy.