We have installed and are successfully using a heat-treatment production line from SECO/WARWICK.


Heat-treatment furnace

The production line includes the VECTOR 15VP furnace for hardening, quenching and tempering. The furnace is equipped with a closed water system and gas installation so that the device can work independently. Additional equipment includes the LPC (vacuum carburizing) option as well as quenching, heating in gas and isothermal cooling. Thanks to this we are able to carry out the full heat-treatment process in one device in accordance with requirements.

The use of one furnace with optional equipment for three heat-treatment processes – hardening, quenching, and tempering – provides a whole range of benefits. It provides up to 40% energy savings, reduces processing and cooling times, and thus overall production cycles, which allows for quick order fulfillment. The furnace control includes a number of facilities, as well as human error protection. This advanced vacuum technology improves the parameters of manufactured components, reduces deformation, prevents oxidation, and extends the life of individual parts.