Промисловий Форум 2023; The International Industrial Forum 2023

The International Industrial Forum 2023

The International Industrial Forum 2023 took place in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, and became an important platform for meetings and cooperation between leading players in the industrial sector from around the world. The Forum brought together highly qualified professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators and government representatives to discuss important topics related to the development and transformation of industry.

The forum included discussions, workshops and presentations where experts shared their knowledge and experience. Participants discussed topical issues such as digital innovation, sustainable development, energy efficiency, industry 4.0, machine learning, and many others.





Kamyanka Machine-Building Plant had the opportunity to be represented at the International Industrial Forum 2023.

We were pleased to demonstrate our gear pump line and contract manufacturing capabilities, which aroused considerable interest among visitors. Meetings with the forum participants allowed us to discuss joint projects and share our knowledge and experience.
We would like to express our gratitude to the event managers for their excellent work. Their efforts helped to create a favorable atmosphere for meetings and partnerships.
Also, we are grateful to all the companies with whom our team had the opportunity to communicate. It is always valuable for us to meet new people and maintain contacts with existing partners. Our participation in this event has opened up new prospects for cooperation and joint development. Together we can continue to change the industrial sector and improve its future.

Best wishes,
Team of Kamyanka Machine-Building Plant