We know our potential and are ready to develop further. Our products are already successfully represented in many countries around the world, but by expanding our technical capabilities and automating production, we have also increased our manufacture capacity, so there is an opportunity to increase market share.

The company is interested in dealerships/individual agents who have:

  • Technical expertise: good understanding of pumps and their applications, to be able to identify the specific requirements of customers.
  • Sales experience: sales skills, to be able to identify potential customers and make deals, to market and promote the products effectively.
  • Customer service skills: excellent customer service skills, be responsive to client needs.
  • Knowledge of the market: good understanding in one or several of the following industries: Textile, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Mining, Machinery, Pharmaceutical, Metallurgy. Information about the pump market, demand, competitors and opportunities will be provided.
  • Long-term Focus: interest in long-term cooperation.

The company offers a wide range of products that conform to the highest quality and safety standards, and have many advantages over other similar products on the market. Also provides warranties on the entire range and offers service, ensuring our customers maximum protection and confidence in the quality of our products.
We are ready to support any enquiries, provide all necessary information and offer a competitive terms and conditions to work together effectively.

To get more information or to discuss the possibility of cooperation, please fill out the contact form or contact at: in@kammash.com