Metering pumps of Kamyanka MBP

One of the main directions of our production is metering pumps. These devices, as their name implies, are designed for the precise dosing of various substances and reagents and are key functional elements in a number of important industrial processes. Let’s explore where and how they find their application in real manufacturing.

Industry №1: Textile

Metering pumps are located in machines ranging in size from a few meters to several tens of meters.  They precisely dose the substances needed to create various fibers – from artificial ones, such as viscose, resembling natural silk, to synthetic ones, such as polyester, acrylic, elastane, and nylon. These pumps play a key role in the textile industry, assisting in producing fibers that are transformed into threads, fabrics, clothing, and more.

Industry №2: Construction/Chemical

Pumps are integrated into the production lines of construction materials such as paint, glue, silicone, flooring, and materials used for wall and roof cladding, etc.
In the production of floor coverings, metering pumps are used to precisely dose liquid components like resins or polymer-based flooring materials.
Regarding wall and roof cladding materials, metering pumps are employed to apply adhesive or mastics to tiles, shingles, metal panels, and more. This ensures accurate adhesive dosing and even distribution on surfaces, facilitating reliable and aesthetically pleasing material bonding.

Industry №3: Pharmaceutical

Metering pumps are installed on production lines in pharmaceutical companies. They are found in machines that manufacture medical products, where they accurately dose active substances and components for creating medicinal products.

Industry №4: Automotive

Pumps are integrated into production lines at automotive plants. They are present in machines that manufacture various automotive parts, accurately dosing adhesive or silicone for assembly and component sealing.

Industry №5. Packaging

Dosing pumps are located in special machines that dispense the exact amount of glue or paint onto packages. They are located in companies that specialize in the manufacture of packaging materials, such as boxes or containers.

Industry №6: Plastic Manufacturing and Processing

The creation of plastic and plastic products using metering pumps is a pivotal stage in the chemical industry. Metering pumps ensure precise and controlled dosing of various components necessary for producing polymer blends. This measurement accuracy is essential to obtain plastic material with specific characteristics such as strength, flexibility, heat resistance, and color palette.

Regarding processing, initially, raw plastic material is supplied in the form of pellets to an extruder or plastic granulator. The extruder heats the raw material to a plastic state and transforms it into a uniform mass. After passing through the extruder, the polymer blend may require additional pressure increase and uniform distribution of components before subsequent operations. Hence, it enters a metering pump, which precisely regulates the pressure and volume of the polymer blend that will undergo further shaping or processing. Thus, the metering pump plays the role of a critical element in ensuring stability, quality, and precision in preparing the polymer blend after extrusion, providing optimal conditions for the subsequent production of plastic products.


The presented examples are just a fraction of the diverse industrial sectors where pumps for precise substance dosing are utilized. Considering their wide range of applications, it can unequivocally be stated that such devices play a critical role in ensuring the efficiency and advancement of nearly every existing industry. Their vital function lies in ensuring high product quality, accurate dosing of substances and reagents, as well as production reliability.

These devices play a key role in ensuring proper material and reagent distribution, enabling the achievement of production quality and stability. They not only provide precise dosing but also help avoid unnecessary material wastage, contributing to increased production efficiency and cost reduction.

Enhancing these systems allows for reaching new levels of efficiency, automation, and control in manufacturing processes. As a result, these innovations contribute to the enhancement of production, its quality, and market competitiveness.

Therefore, pumps for precise substance dosing play a crucial role in the industry, and their significance and impact are difficult to overestimate. They lay the foundation for the successful functioning of numerous sectors, aiding in achieving high standards of quality, efficiency, and innovation.