Upon analyzing the report, it becomes evident that subcontract manufacturing is an area of great potential for collaboration with Ukrainian companies. 

But what is the reason?  

  1. Economic benefits. Ukraine has an advantage in the production sector in terms of the final cost of production, which allows partner-companies to reduce overall production costs, increase profits and make them more competitive in the global market.
  2. Quality of production. Ukraine has a developed production base and an experienced workforce that can ensure high quality products.
  3. Logistical convenience. Ukraine has a favorable geographical location for the transportation of goods to European countries. This allows for shorter delivery times and lower logistics costs.
  4. Development prospects. Ukraine is seen as a strong region for subcontract manufacturing, so the government has created programs to support companies engaged in subcontract manufacturing.  Also, in June 2022, Ukraine gained the status of a candidate for accession to the European Union. As the European Union is Ukraine’s largest trading partner, the EU Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) No. 2022/870 of 30 May 2022 provides for the abolition of duties on industrial products. 

Accordingly, subcontract manufacturing in Ukraine can be a profitable choice for European companies who are looking to reduce production costs and increase the competitiveness of their products in the international market.

From this year onwards, our company provides subcontract manufacturing service, enabling our clients to execute their projects more efficiently and achieve better results. We invite all potentially interested companies to cooperate with us!