At our company, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality industrial equipment and machinery. When it comes to metering pumps, we have carefully selected the top three best-selling models that have become a staple in many industries. These pumps have been rigorously tested and have consistently exceeded expectations in terms of reliability, accuracy, and durability. In this article, we’ll introduce you to our top-rated metering pumps and why they have become a go-to choice for many professionals. Whether you’re in the chemical, textile, machinery, oil and gas, mining, metallurgy industry, our list has a pump that will meet your specific needs. So, let’s dive in and take a closer look at the top three best-selling metering pumps offered by our company.

       1.   Gear metering pumps for viscose and cellulose acetate.

In the production of viscose and cellulose acetate, gear metering pumps are used to accurately meter the flow of the cellulose solution into the extrusion process. Our pumps are designed to handle high-pressure and high-viscosity fluids, making them an ideal choice for this application. They also offer precise control over the flow rate, ensuring consistent fiber quality and product performance.

In addition to precision and accuracy, such metering pumps must also be made from materials that are resistant to the corrosive properties of the cellulose solution. Materials such as cast iron and different variations of stainless steel are commonly used in the construction of these pumps.

Capacity range starts from 0.3cc/rev. Variations of connections, designs and other characteristics are customized.

       2.    Gear metering pumps for glue, paint, silicone.

Gear metering pumps are utilized in the production of glue, paint, and silicone to accurately measure the flow of these thick fluids and deliver precise flow rate control for efficient production processes. With the ability to handle high-viscosity and high-pressure fluids, our pumps deliver reliable and accurate flow rates, ensuring precise adhesive application, even at elevated temperatures. Available with or without heating.

Special attention should be paid to the use of pumps in glue-applying machinery.

Precision and consistency are essential in glue application machinery, making gear metering pumps a crucial component. 

This type of pump is easy to maintain and operate, ensuring maximum uptime and productivity.

       3.     Gear metering pumps for transporting petroleum products.

One of the most important components in the transfer of petroleum products, such as oil, diesel fuel, and bitumen, is the gear pump. Their design allows it to handle various liquids with lubricating properties, making it a versatile tool in transferring fuel oil in boiler installations.

But this process requires a high degree of reliability and efficiency, as any interruption in the fuel supply can lead to downtime and lost production. Our pumps are designed to operate with high efficiency, reducing energy consumption and lowering operational costs. They are also engineered with durable materials that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and resist wear and tear, leading to increased reliability and reduced maintenance requirements.  Our pumps are a dependable choice for such applications where a reliable and durable pumping solution is required. 

This type of pump is typically made from materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, and may include bronze elements to ensure resistance to the corrosive properties of the fluid. 

Our company provides a selection of metering pumps that are specially designed for producing viscose and cellulose acetate, adhesive/paint/silicone, and petroleum products. We take pride in constructing our pumps with the finest quality materials to deliver precise control over flow rates, which guarantees consistent production of high-quality products. If you’re in these industries and looking for reliable metering pumps, we have the right solutions for you.